A Thoughtful Avocado

There is no shortage of people posting about the wonder of avocados on social media. While I am on Team Avo for many reasons, I grew numb to the ubiquity of people gushing about it until a few days ago when I came across @thechalkboardmagazine's post on Instagram:

I know it’s silly to infer life perspectives from an avocado, but it just happened! I love how this shot showcases the beauty and individuality of each avocado. It got me thinking about how, as humans who want to live a healthier life, we can start to compartmentalize ourselves into fad diets or strict eating practices to identify ourselves with. Sometimes we forget that we are all unique and can take different paths to achieve similar goals.

Knowledge is power in making informed decisions. With the wealth of health and nutrition information available, it is my mission to do real research and tailor it for making decisions suitable to each individual. Don’t worry--we’ll definitely have some fun too. My posts will also spotlight my interests in food (of course!), yoga, travel, and complementary medicine. If there’s something you’d like to read about specifically, don’t hesitate to email me!

Just like there are endless ways to eat an avocado, there are many ways we can nourish ourselves to live well and be well. Cheers!